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Natural Detox, No Addictive Medications Used What is Brain Restoration+ (NTR) Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy or BR+ is a Natural IV therapy used to help those detox from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The IV therapy utilizes a co enzyme called NAD to saturate the brain in nutrients. The nutrients directly result in the decrease of withdrawal by 50% or more. The therapy eliminates cravings from the drug or alcohol by the end of treatment with a full brain restoration. The NAD process heals damage that has been done in the brain and corrects the chemical imbalances. In just 10-14 days, BR+ will improve fatigue, anxiety, and depression caused by the substance use. Why choose Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy? The Natural IV Therapy of BR+ or Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy (NTR) does not use addictive substances to detox your system and allows for a fast elimination of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Other medicated detox options tend to utilize medications that contain addictive substances which can prolong the process and make it difficult to complete a treatment. BR+ will cleanse you of all addictive substances and medications leaving you mentally and physically restored.The natural IV therapy has the unique quality of offering you the chance to cut your addiction from the source, your brain. Sovereign Health Treatment Programs Sovereign Health Group is a leading residential Addiction, Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Treatment provider with multiple treatment locations in the US. We offer evidence based treatment, individualized treatment plans, cognitive testing and rehabilitation, individual and group therapy sessions, and many other treatment components We invite you to review our website, chat with us online, or call for a free confidential assessment to learn more and discuss how Sovereign Health can be a solution for you. We ACCEPT MOST PPO insurances and offer private pay options.

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Newark, Delaware 19702
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