Road to Recovery Idaho

Counselor, MS, LCPC

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343 E Bonneville
Pocatello, Idaho 83201
(208) 922-6312
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Road to Recovery's treatment programs offer a therapeutic recovery environment for individuals needing treatment for various types of addictions and mental health concerns. Our services are founded on the principals of personal accountability, family unity, and self spiritual preference; with a strong focus on individual strengths and assets. Whether you're struggling with a particular issue, or just can't shake the feeling that there should be more to life, Road to Recovery, Inc. can help. Mental Health Counseling Individual psychotherapy services are available for a variety of concerns, such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. We strive to help provide you with the insights and tools you need to move beyond old, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being as well as how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including: Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse Family history of mental health problems.
My Specialties
Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Borderline Personality
Chronic Relapse
Coping Skills
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence
Drug Abuse
Dual Diagnosis
Emotional Disturbance
Mood Disorders