Melinda Mecham Jensen
Counselor, LPC
Arlington, Virginia 22209

For patients dealing with conflicts in their relationships, I work with a male co-therapist to best address their needs. This helps couples to not feel "ganged-up" on and enjoy the therapy more. As couples evolve (e.g., marriage, career changes, parenthood, empty nest, retirement), therapy helps them transition through these stages well by avoiding postpartum depression, major depression and anxiety. I also help patients deal with physically or emotionally altering surgeries and how it impacts relationships. In addition, to improve the quality of relationships, group psychotherapy is an available opportunity for adults to practice their communication skills. As well as working with couples and improving their communication, I work with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety or stress, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders, and eating disorders. I help patients identify how to manage these difficulties so they can have more satisfying relationships and careers. I work with a male co-therapist to maximize the effectiveness of therapy in couples and group psychotherapy. I help patients incorporate their strengths, skills, and spirituality into their therapy.

1501 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22209
(540) 212-2081
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Relationship Issues
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorders