Novus Medical Detox
Treatment Facility
New Port Richey, Florida 34654

Specializing in Comfortable Drug or Alcohol Detox Novus Medical Detox provides a comfortable, medically safe and caring environment from which to detox from alcohol and drugs - where patients are treated with humanity and dignity on their road to recovery. Your First Step in Recovery At Novus, we know that the first step in recovery is the hardest step that anyone will ever take and it is our mission to make that step the easiest and best experience that we can possibly create. Why Are We Different? We know that every patient is a unique individual and so our expert and caring professionals work with each patient individually and a unique program is written for each. Along with our innovative and individualized medical-detox protocols, plus the use of holistic supplements and alternative procedures which alleviate the pain of withdrawal, Novus truly helps people get their lives back and onto the road to rehabilitation.

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New Port Richey, Florida 34654
(727) 223-6905
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Elders (65+)

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Medical Detox
Alcohol Abuse