Nina La Rosa
Pre-Licensed Professional, MS, NCC
Burlington, Vermont 05401

The brain has an immense capacity to change and grow over a lifetime. Clinical research demonstrates even a few months of mindfulness practice can be effective in treating chronic stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, pain, illness, and can boost performance under pressure, enhance intimate relationships, and improve enjoyment of work. I use my teaching experience, professional counseling training, and knowledge of neuroscience to tailor you a set of practical skills you can use daily. I will help you use your strengths to harness the power of your brain and develop skills to uncover more peace, joy, and freedom in your life! For the past eight years I have taught mindfulness at UVM, hospitals, schools, in private counseling, and in the community. Since 2009, I have collaborated on clinical neuroscience research using fMRI to study how cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness make brains healthier and contribute to psychological wellness. Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances welcome. Sliding scale fee. To learn more please visit:

88 King St
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 431-0903
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Ages & Modality
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
Elders (65+)

My Specialties
Traumatic Brain Injury
Chronic Pain
Anger Management
Eating Disorders
Multicultural/Diversity Issues
Mood Disorders