Blu by the Sea
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Destin, Florida 32541

Blu by the Sea-THERE IS HOPE AND A SOLUTION "THERE IS HOPE AND A SOLUTION" A NON-12 step revolutionary holistic treatment program designed to permanently overcome substance abuse and restore an individual to their former self. The Program at Blu by the Sea has been proven over the past 10 plus years to be the most effective treatment option for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The program has over 600 successful graduates. Developed by a mother and father, who after four unsuccessful attempts at helping their own son recover through traditional 12 step programs, knew there had to be a better way. They worked tirelessly to form a holistic, alternative treatment program with more of a hands on, 1 on 1 therapeutic approach. The cornerstone is the amount of time clients get to spend with the professionals in 1 on 1 therapy. The program is ever evolving at Blu by the Sea; only the latest techniques and clinically proven methods are utilized, making the program an industry leader in the area of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. The team of medical and clinical professionals range from a psychiatrist, a medical doctor specializing in addiction, & masters level therapist. Medical Detox on site. Florida Caring & Effective Recovery Program *Caring & Effective Recovery Program* The program is a tried and proven drug and alcohol rehab center located in Destin, Florida on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. We designed our program based on the results and experiences we encountered while helping our own son overcome his addiction. Our treatment is designed to work for the long term. Why the program is right for you: *Our facility is neat, clean, and comfortable *Two-to-one client to staff ratio *Personalized treatment for each client *A keen focus on relapse prevention. *We are not a 12-step program *We have a strong family component and offer free aftercare to clients as part of the treatment program * We understand the toll addiction has taken on you and your family, and we also realize the choice to go to treatment can be very difficult to make. That's why we created a profoundly healing environment that feels as close to home as possible. *Our clients also enjoy on site activities: Yoga therapy, Massage therapy, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and Spa therapies. *Off site activities include: Gold's gym membership, Dining at local restaurants, Deep sea fishing, Golfing, Beach activities, Movies at local cinemas, and more. The 4 Step Treatment Process at Blu by the Sea ****The Blu by the Sea Treatment Process**** There are Four basic steps to addiction treatment. These involve medical detox, reducing and eliminating drug or alcohol cravings, developing new life skills and creating a plan of action to continue a life free from drugs. Each step deals with a specific part of addiction in a personal and individual way. *MEDICAL DETOX* The first step of treatment begins with a period of substance detox or medication management. Clients receive a customized detox program designed by our medical director; with an emphasis on safety and comfort. *Eliminate Cravings* After the detox process, psychologists, addiction specialists and masters level therapists work with you or your loved one to eliminate drug cravings by skillfully and carefully breaking the cycle of addiction. Vitamins, exercise and spa therapies are used together during this phase to gradually decrease the physical craving for the substance. *New Life Skills* This is done through a hands-on experience; and one-on-one counseling. *New Life Plan* The final phase of the process is to create an individualized blue print or New Life Plan for each client that replaces the drug and/or alcohol addiction. TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND CALL TODAY!

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Destin, Florida 32541
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