Mr. Lawrence Fry
Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
Mesa, Arizona 85206

Counseling is helpful when you just are having some problems, or perhaps are struggling to have a life that fits with who you are. Even possibly, you may not know yet exactly what you want. At times we have challenges that seem impossible, and strengths that appear out of reach. There are helpful ways to face those challenges and use your strengths. Counseling with me will utilize the knowledge of psychology and the wisdom of new perspectives to help. You are an individual with both unique and universal difficulties and possibilities. I am open to your difficulties and possibilities. You have both history and wants that may become part of the focus of our work. How do you want to feel about yesterday, function today, or plan for tomorrow? What do you want to give up, what do you want to get? How would you like to be different, or the same? Counseling will be guided by your current distress - mood, anxiety, relationship, obsession, or perhaps a situation. The work will use an integration of psychology and therapy systems that have shown to be very helpful, and will be focused on you.

4140 E. Baseline Road
Mesa, Arizona 85206
(480) 685-5917
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My Specialties
Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Emotional Disturbance
Self Esteem
Trauma and PTSD
Mood Disorders