Ms. Cindy Hatcher Warren

Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, AL, MFT, Assoc, MLAP

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1070 Hwy 59
Summerdale, Alabama 36580
(251) 219-0121
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Elders (65+)

It seems that hearing what your partner meant to say is a difficult skill to master. However, learning to say what you intend to be heard is even more difficult. Imagine what it would be like if your partner, family or friends heard ONLY what you meant. Imagine if messages were delivered in such a way that no one took things the wrong way. I teach communication skills to couples, families and individuals and employers. Improvements in communication is the foundation for improving relationships. PAIN PILL DEPENDENCY is an epidemic. SUBOXONE or Zubsolv assist the ACCIDENTAL addict . Most accidental addictions to pain medications came as a direct result of a surgery. The individual finds themselves unable to stop taking the pain medication without a great deal of sickness. Want to be NORMAL again? .
My Specialties
Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Pain Pill Dependency
Substance Abuse