Nani Waddoups

Pre-Licensed Professional, MA, NCC, LPCI

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819 SE Morrison Street #220
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 487-0061
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Ages & Modality
Elders (65+)

I believe we navigate the waters of life by constantly adjusting to subtle and profound changes, much like tacking a sailboat or steering a kayak in order to keep moving ahead. How we experience those changes -- as loss or opportunity, with sadness or joy -- determines the course we will follow. While each of us must make the individual choice of how to move forward, I believe we are all in this together. No one need navigate alone. The process of counseling is to support the planning of the trip ahead, and to help navigate the waters of life. I work with adults, individually, as couples or friends, and in groups on a variety of themes. Issues that I find particularly satisfying to process: Transitions, Grief & Loss, Finding Meaning, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Relationships, Family Patterns, Motivation, Career Development, Fear, Self-Image, Self-Care, Eating Issues, and Personal Environments. As alternatives to my clinical office practice, I also provide WALKING THERAPY where sessions are done hiking on nearby beautiful woodland trails. HOUSE CALLS are sessions in a client's environment to identify how spaces might be altered to be more supportive of a client's personal goals.
My Specialties
Emotional Disturbance
Self Esteem
Career Counseling
Chronic Relapse
Eating Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Substance Abuse
Trauma and PTSD
Alcohol Abuse
Behavioral Issues
Chronic Pain
Drug Abuse
Family Conflict
Relationship Issues
Suicidal Ideation
Mood Disorders
Thinking Disorders
Personality Disorders