Douglas Smith

Counselor, LCPC, SEP

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836 Main Street
Westbrook, Maine 04092
(207) 358-4500
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Somatic (or body) psychotherapy is the kind of work that once you have practiced it as a therapist, or experienced it as a client, you can "never go back" to regular talk therapy. The reason is simple: the body is the repository of your history as much as the mind. It remembers - and contains many layers and patterns of protection, defense and response that have developed along with emotional and mental experience. Somatic psychotherapy treats the body as an equal partner in the healing process. Somatic psychotherapy is especially effective for Anxiety, PTSD, interpersonal stress, and early trauma. The body's protective mechanisms and metabolic systems can become over- or under activated in these situations. This work allows us to bring in the full body/mind relationship to help re-regulate these systems. Professional Training: training for psychotherapists and others in somatic psychotherapy is available through the Mind Meets Body Institute - I offer an introductory workshop: Body Awareness in Psychotherapy, as well as advanced trainings in working with body systems and structures to help deepen student's experience and skill. visit
My Specialties
Trauma and PTSD
Dissociative Disorders
Professional Training for clinicians