Cynthia B Rosenberg

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, BCD

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4545 42nd Street N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia 20016
(202) 407-9919
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Sometimes life is too hard to manage by yourself. It can be a relief to talk about problems, begin to clarify the issues and discover how to deal with them. For over thirty years I have been helping people feel better, more balanced, more connected and more in control of their lives. I encourage people to recognize how their choices influence their relationships, and to realize that they have the ability to shape their daily life experiences. I can provide a different perspective that increases flexibility in actions and emotions. I focus on helping people understand their motives and behavior patterns, and create an opportunity to change those that are no longer useful. I provide a safe environment in which to explore new behaviors and practice them. I use a variety of techniques in my practice and work with a diverse population. I see people dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, as well as stress related disorders, chronic pain, reproductive problems and gay/lesbian issues. I continue to learn and grow in my professional and personal life.
My Specialties
Relationship Issues
Self Esteem
Bipolar Disorder
Chronic Pain
Coping Skills
Emotional Disturbance
Mood Disorders