Amanda L Nelson-Geruntho
Counselor, MA, LMHC
Pullman, Washington 99163

My primary focus is the assessment and treatment of anxiety and OCD-related disorders. In addition, I enjoy working with couples and relationship issues. The majority of my experience comes from working with adults with anxiety and mood disorders. I also have experience working with adults with extensive traumatic history, and have worked with individuals of all ages in crisis settings. My clinical experience includes over 6 years of working in the field of mental health counseling, plus a year-long graduate practicum in crisis services. In addition to therapy and crisis services, I have also provided case management for adults with severe and persistent mental illness in residential treatment facilities. I am trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which involves examining and modifying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to decrease symptoms and increase self-awareness. I also utilize Exposure and Response Prevention, which involves gradual, supportive exposure to anxiety-provoking situations and refraining from maladaptive responses.

1615 NE Eastgate Blvd
Pullman, Washington 99163
(208) 495-3161
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My Specialties
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Relationship Issues
Bipolar Disorder
Coping Skills
Domestic Abuse
Mood Disorders