Silvia Echevarria-Doan
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT, LCSW
Gainesville, Florida 32609

Welcome! As Founder and Therapist at Alma Therapy, I'd like to explain how I work with individuals, couples, and families who seek assistance for personal and/or relational issues. Alma means "soul" in Spanish, and it is reflective of the personal nature of therapy and the importance placed on the relationship between therapist and client. Careful attention is given to the clients' internal struggles, difficulties, and hope for change. The impact these issues have on clients and their significant others, along with constraints that keep them from resolving difficulties are also considered and dealt with in therapy. My clients range in age from young children (generally seen with their families) to older adults. Specialty areas include life transitions, personal growth, premarital & couples counseling, family conflict, divorce, bereavement/loss, trauma/abuse, anxiety, and depression. I have 30+ years of practice and 20+ years of teaching/supervision in counseling. My approach with clients is strength-based, and is drawn from multiple perspectives and practices to help clients achieve their desired change and focus in therapy. Sustaining their accomplishments and level of desired change is important, as are periodic tune-ups, or check-ins, left up to my clients' discretion.

3463 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(352) 792-1340
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Ages & Modality
Children (6 to 10)
Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
Children (6 to 10)
Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
Elders (65+)

My Specialties
Relationship Issues
Family Conflict
Coping Skills
Developmental Disorders
Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence