Blanche Freund
Psychologist, PhD
Delray Beach, Florida 33446

I enjoy working with anxiety clients and to implement interventions such as Exposure, ritual prevention, and in vivo exposure. There are special treatments for the different anxiety disorders. A first session would consist of a thorough behavioral assessment which would then indicate what your therapy goals are. Thereafter, we would collaborate on setting up a treatment plan. Most anxiety treatments are short-term,20 sessions or less. I enjoy working with Cognitive behavioral methods whether for depression,protracted mourning, anxiety, trauma, and sexual concerns.I also enjoy working with the intervention/psychotherapy of EMDR.which can move therapy rapidly in many cases. I have been in the helping professions for over 30 years, as an RN, certified sex therapist and for the last 25 years as a licensed psychologist. My specialty is in treating anxiety disorders. I use evidence based interventions. In some cases I do intensive therapy.I am certifed in EMDR. I concentrate on using evidence-based therapies that tend to be short-term (10-20 sessions)and maybe intensive if required.

15200 Jog Rd
Delray Beach, Florida 33446
(561) 629-1192
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Ages & Modality
Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
Elders (65+)

My Specialties
Trauma and PTSD
Coping Skills
Internet Addiction
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Impulse Control Disorders