Susan Alnasrawi
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Deciding to seek treatment from a psychotherapist is always a significant moment. It often comes with doubt, fear, and pain but the decision is also an expression of hope and determination. You are as different from anyone else as your fingerprint. Your history, likes, dislikes, dreams, memories, fears, strengths and challenges are unlike anyone else's. Your symptoms are outward signs of inner turmoil and is my belief that in order for relief of symptoms to be more permanent in-depth work is the most effective method. The time we meet, the length of the session, and how often you come are based on your history, current circumstances, the issues you wish to explore. I have special interest in working with grief and loss, how to sustain a relationship despite cultural differences, the stresses of being a caregiver, and the unique challenge of parenting a child with difference.

34 Patchen Road
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
(802) 276-4598 x111
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Elders (65+)

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Emotional Disturbance
Mood Disorders