Carol Anne Cullum
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

In a rut? Frustrated? Confused? Feeling hopeless? Or just wanting encouragement to find an answer that feels out of reach? Whether a relationship problem, job frustration, a bad habit, or a negative cycle that keeps defeating you, my goal as a life coach is to provide you with a safe place to explore the roots of what is making you feel that way, and help you find new options and hope through changing how you relate to yourself and others. I believe that emotional freedom, trust, and true intimacy in relationships come from having good boundaries within ourselves and with others. From my life experience, training, and expertise, I have crafted a unique brand of practical wisdom you can use in your search for relationship happiness and/or personal growth. I combine caring and supporting coaching with real, results-oriented programs designed to help you create extraordinary relationships in your life. To me, the coaching relationship is a partnership for life transformation, to expand your personal limitations. My goal is to help clients find their own best answers. I don't do the thinking for my clients, but through gentle guidance, try to help them find their own way.

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Little Rock, Arkansas 72206
(501) 712-1934
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