GJ Harbilas Counseling, LLC

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, DARC, MSW, LCSW

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728 Post Road East
Westport, Connecticut 06880
(203) 903-9929
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Ages & Modality
Elders (65+)

My 20 years experience has been focused on addictions and mental health issues. As well, my focus is with persons experiencing multiple-relapse problems.I have worked closely with young persons ages 17 to 28 and much of my work has focused on trauma,mood and anxiety issues. Much of my practice technique works to restore self esteem and dignity which are problems as a result of trauma and addiction. Most of us are recovering from something, my personal experience is conducive to the work that takes place. I create a positive therapeutic alliance that is safe, and confidential. My work also includes client Interventions in-office or off-site, and includes providing ongoing support for family and friends of clients. Much of my work involves treatment referrals, and aftercare counseling, medication compliance support, and relapse prevention. Personal experience and identification are very powerful in creating a safe venue and a positive therapeutic alliance. My clients are assured that counseling is a dignified life affirming and extremely confidential process and experience.
My Specialties
Family Conflict
Trauma and PTSD
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
Medication Management
Substance Abuse
Anger Management
Emotional Disturbance
Relationship Issues
Elderly Persons Disorders
Mood Disorders
Impulse Control Disorders
Veteran post conflict re-entry issues